Rules Of Posting Role-Plays And More

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Rules Of Posting Role-Plays And More Empty Rules Of Posting Role-Plays And More

Post  Wulf-Gurl on Mon Nov 21, 2011 12:36 am

Please punctuate and spell everything on your post correctly.I don't want to try and figure out if this word is "school" or just some scrambled up word like "scol." Do not write your post in text talk,either.Yes,I can read it,but I just don't want to see it.

Posting Role-Plays Before They're Approved

This will result in the role-play being deleted.You will get a warning to either post the role-play here to be approved or let me delete it.You will have 3 days to post before it's deleted.Role-plays can only be approved by me.Not even other administrators can approve it.If your Role-Play was not accepted,don't throw a hissy fit.It's not the end of the world,nor will it get the Role-Play accepted.

Other Rules

• You can't copy the name of another role-play.
• You can't copy another role-play in general.This means that it can't be identical to another one.
• If you want to make another version/spin-off of a role-play that's not yours,you must get the owner's permission first.If you get their permission,you must give credit to them because they originally made the role-play yours was based off of.

Approved Role-Plays

• Storm Light Wolf Pack
• Storm Light Wolf Pack 2: Alaska
• Broward County Agility Training Center
• The Cursed Ones
• The Warrior Pack
• Four Against The Odds
• The Northern Forest
• Halo Pack & Death Pack
• The Dogs Of The Iditarod
• Feathered Pack
• The Hope In Life
• One Pack One Pride
• Team Of Secrets
• House Of Horses
• ❖ღ❖ || Some say the world will end in fire, some say in ice. From what I have tasted of desire, I hold with thoese who favor fire. But if I'd had to parrish twice. I think I know enough of hate, to say that destruction, Ice... is also great. || ❖ღ❖
• Canterwood Crest Academy
• ~ Keep It Real ~ [Semi-Lit]
• ღ◆ღ ℱ◎я♭ḯ∂ḓ℮η ℒ◎√ε▪ ღ◆ღ
• ll In The End ll
• An abused heart, she shall not break. (Human and Immortal rp)
• Wolf's Rain Pack
• Maximum Ride
• ♂ ღ♀ℒḯ√ℯ ℒїḱℯ ℛøƴαłтƴ♂ ღ♀
• Gone
• тнℯ ℌøṧт ¢ℓüß
• Demented Minds
• A Lonely Trail - Neko Mansion
• World Of Unknowns
• Skyhaven
• Shugo Chara Pt. 1
• ||When the last feather falls||
• Skyrim
• ❦Welcome to Russia❦

REMEMBER: If you add a roleplay without my permission,the roleplay owner will be asked to put up a post here and if they refuse,then the roleplay will be deleted.

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