How To Add To Faves,Skip To Certain Page,Etc

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How To Add To Faves,Skip To Certain Page,Etc

Post  Wulf-Gurl on Thu Jul 21, 2011 12:53 am

This is just basically a Guide.Where to find certain things,how to do them,etc.More things will be added.

Q: How Do I Add A Topic To My Favorites?

A: To add a topic to your favorites,you must go to a page on the topic.It doesn't matter the page,because this can be done on all.If you look above the first post on the page on the right,you should see a clickable link that says "Actions!" Click this and find where it says "Add To Your Favorites." The topic should then be in your favorites list.

Q: Where Can I Find My Favorites List?

A: To find your favorites,you must click "Profile" at the top.On one of the tabs,you should see "Favorites." Click this and you should see the topics you've favorited.

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