||When the last feather falls||

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||When the last feather falls|| Empty ||When the last feather falls||

Post  Darkeh on Wed Feb 22, 2012 9:40 pm


Nexus's Side of the story

I was so young when i heard of this Toxicated Gas that roamed through out the air.They warned me ot stay away from the Sewage plant.Yet i ignored them and went on.It was then i found what the gas could do.I was traumitizied and never went back.It was later that day they warned us.The Elders warned us more then once.I could remember those words.They never left my head. "When the cros dies and the last feather falls....The last of us fall". Yet I did not worry.The crows were known as a fearless creature.They were immortal.I went and moved on.Eveyr bretah I took the more i died inside.Five years later and Im immortal with abnormal fur...I couldnt beleive it...I drifted off..Lost into Space..I took advantage of my Elders time..I told the other not to worry..As the leader of the pack I was able to control this and that.I never saw the pack again...Only a handful traveled with me to a new land...Even now hte Toxic Air has traveed to our area..As weel as the near featherless Crow.Bit by bit that Crow is falling to peices.I look to the skies now...Praying that a wiser wolf will come to our rescue.

Twisters Side

They left me to die...In the middle fo the woods..They called me..Unnatural..They siad it was a curse and I would never be able ot be normal again,yet i found Nexus and he found Me.It was a dark night..I guess thye would call it a Full Moon?..ANyways..I awaited islently in the trees as i heard the wolf trot silently towards me.I lifted my hind Flanks into the air and dove down fomr the tall tree.My abnormally large wings unfolded,They were as blakc as the night sky.I pinned him silently against a tree.He snapped at me flipping us over pnning me on the floor.Our eyes caught eahc otroher...I knew he was like me.He silently backed away..It was that night we found each other.I taught him the ways of Living like this..Living like a curse..I was 2 year solder then him..I was considered an Elder..Yes.I will teach you the ways to living wiht our curse..I will help you survive..You will be as wise as me one dya Young one.


~The territory is a large Forest.It is never bright or sunny..We never go swimming there nor drink water.We must travel miles ofr even th elsightest sip of water.Our pond sna dlakes are Noen purple with toxic gases flowing out of them.The prey is scarce..Ther eis few areas of shelter..Mos tof us are as I would say "Allergic" to the rain..Yet some of us are immune.


Age::[Mos tof us are Immortal]
Adopted Pup[s]::
Looks::[No normal wolves..Unless thye have wings..]


-Fighting is a major topic i want to discuss....Fighting is fine and os is killing..But only if the other Owner of that wolf agrees oyu may kill it.And then ther eis Gore..I dont wnat any Gory pictures...Blood is allowed but nothign nasty Ok?
-Saying Crao and Damn is fine by me..But others words dont pass...And tyhose 2 words..I dont want to hear them to much ok?
3-Text Talk
-I hate it!..Unless its Lol...Heheh....But only if your tlaking as yourself..Not through your charrie ok?
-Fill out the entire form!
5-God modding
-DOnt try to be powerful..The wolves that are Immortal dont die..Yes...But odnt make a dela
6-All Site rules apply

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