Role-Play Skellys (About)

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Role-Play Skellys (About)

Post  Wulf-Gurl on Wed Jul 20, 2011 12:19 am

If you are new to Role-Playing,

Skelly is short for skeleton.It is what makes up a character.This means the character's name,history,looks,etc.Every Role-Play you look at will have a skelly to fill out.Then the owner or co-owner must accept your skelly to join (Sometimes a Co-Owner isn't allowed to).If you are accepted,you can start Role-Playing.Watch others to learn how to Role-Play.It is fairly easy and you should get the hang of it soon.

What This Forum Is For:

Tired of having a Role-Play cluttered up with skellys? Have them posted here.Make a thread and be sure to include your username in the title so everyone knows it's your thread.You are not required to do this,but it may make things a bit easier for you.You can also put the link to your thread on your RP.

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