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Post  Wulf-Gurl on Sat Oct 13, 2012 8:38 pm

Need a name for this! All suggestions will be considered and in the end I will choose the ones I like most and do a Poll to see what wins. If I end up thinking of a name I think fits better, I may use that or do a revote.

Don't suggest the name Fire and Ice. I'm already considering it. xP


The stories change as years go on, but only few have heard what the real story is. Only they know the truth. What is the truth, you ask? Let me start from the very beginning...

When the world was first created, so was many species of animals. But there was two in particular that really were the first animals in this new world. They were complete opposites, having different thoughts for the future of the world and those who inhabit it. There was the wolf and there was the human. Only one of each had existed at first. Most had called them Fire and Ice because of their differences. Fire was the human and Ice was the wolf. The two had avoided eachother for so long, knowing that if they crossed paths they would destroy eachother along with the new world. Eventually they did cross paths, but by then more wolves and humans had been created. These wolves and humans came together, despite their differences, to stop Fire and Ice from creating destruction.

They called upon their creator, who gave them the power to stop Fire and Ice. The power given to them wasn't meant to rid the world of Fire and Ice forever, though. The humans and wolves drained Fire and Ice of most of their power and put them into an eternal slumber. They only appear as statues now. The two were hidden at opposite ends of the world and only one thing can wake them of their slumber. It was never described well, for no one wanted any future generations to have an easy time finding it. They say it's a blue and red stone that hangs from a silver chain. And as a backup plan, one animal of the two species that was purest at heart was given powers to send Fire and Ice back into their slumber if they ever awakened. Some say these powers were beyond even Fire and Ice's, though most disagree. Those who disagree say that those powers were only to send Fire and Ice into a slumber and nothing more. Every child of the chosen person or wolf was given the same power throughout the generations. It is said that the child cannot be corrupted with evil, no matter what comes along to try and turn it to evil. Only time will tell.

Most humans have forgotten about this unless it is the child of what they call "The Chosen." The child still knows but will not tell anyone who he or she is. But as for us wolves? Most of us remember. But most of those that do, know not of the true story. They only know of the stories that have been twisted and changed throughout the centuries.

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