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Plnts Skeletons

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All art below Prince belongs to me, everything besides the lineart used to show their tones.

Role: Run the pack
Full Name: Prince
Name at birth: Kirsch

Title(s): Regal
Residence: Night Dwellers

Age: Unknown, young appearance.
Sex: Male.

Sexual Orientation: Pansexual.

Height: 5'6
Weight: 123 lb

Build: Slender.
Eyes: Left eye is a pale shade of yellow, right is a pale shade of blue. A mixture from his parents mixed breeds.

Languages spoken: English and German.
Theme: Angry Sea by Mother Mother or Iron by Woodkid

Current Relationship Status:
Mother: Unknown [Deceased]
Father: Drayden [Deceased?]

Sister[s]: Unknown [Deceased]
Brother[s]: N/A


Personality: Prince is very secluded from everyone. His way of running his pack seem taboo but he takes pride in his strict ways. As a young pup he was always joyful, but after taking part in his sisters death to win over his rank, he became cold and separated, corrupting majority of the pack. He does have respect, but only for the higher rankings in which he willingly puts his trust in.

History: When he was born, he was originally named Kirsch, by his mother. As time passed his name seemed unfitting, his father decided to rename him as Prince. Prince took pride in his name, showing off his rightful place in the pack. He was always very helpful to other and never went a day unhappy. As he grew he began to see less and less of his family, seclusion becoming his only retreat. His sister was set to rule the pack, something he didn't appreciate. His mother had disappeared with another male, leaving his father to teaching the princess how to run the pack. Rarely was he ever spoken to by any of his family members. Long after his father died, he was pushed to the Omega ranking by his sister and her mate. He envied the attention she received, always known as the rightful Queen. He decided to take her down with the other lower ranks, but soon after he disowned them. He became sadistic, and cruel. Majority of his pack does appreciate him, for he does tend to his pack well.

Role: N/A
Full Name: Discover
Name at birth: Discover

Title(s): N/A
Residence: N/A

Age: 1 Year
Sex: Intersex

Sexual Orientation:

Height: 4'5
Weight: 97 lb

Build: Small frame, quick on feet.
Eyes: Eyes are a faded blue.

Languages spoken: English and German.
Theme: Body by Mother Mother

Current Relationship Status: N/A
Mother: Unknown [Deceased]
Father: Unknown [Deceased]

Sister[s]: Unknown [Deceased]
Brother[s]: Aleksandr [Alive]


More to be added, WIP for now.

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