super big wip please don't look at

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super big wip please don't look at  Empty super big wip please don't look at

Post  plnts on Tue Mar 24, 2015 10:13 pm

Rules :

Site rules apply.
It would be better to use your own reference [Something you made or had made for you.]
No Power-playing/God-modding [If your character dies, it dies. Make a new one and the deceased can be reincarnated]
Weapons are a big no.
Don't use one word replies, at least a few sentences or a whole paragraph is best.
Be clear.
If using another language [Chances are sometimes my characters will speak in German] provide a translation at the end of your post, this does not mean you HAVE to speak in another language its fine!
Punctuation to me only matters when using commas and periods.
Be as descriptive as you want!!!
Rankings are earned. Lower ranks are not, you make your way up if deemed acceptable by the Alpha.
Do not use faces, please. [^.^, .-.] If you want, describe them.
This pack is literate, it requires terms, if you need help, ask me, I've been role-playing for more than 5 years, though not on here but on a different website.

Rankings :

Regal[s] : Prince [M]
Sub-alpha[s] :

Elder[s] :

Lead Scout :
Scout[s] :

Lead Hunter :
Hunter[s] :

Mage :
Apprentice[s] :

Unranked : [Can move up]


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