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Post  Wulf-Gurl on Wed Jul 20, 2011 12:35 am

The rules for the Site are simple and easy.


• You can post links and pictures as long as they aren't inappropriate.
• Cussing isn't allowed.Certain words are fine,but I highly suggest you don't say anything of the such until you know what is and isn't allowed.Working your way around the rule won't help,either.I've seen all the ways others have tries to spell out a cuss word without actual letters.
• No Role-Plays can be detailed.No one wants to read this,so please keep it clean.
• Do not fight with other members,especially about stupid things like a name being copied.It's just not worth it.Save your breath and just let it go.If someone continues,report them.Simple as that.End it before an admin or mod needs to get involved.
• A RolePlay MUST be accepted by me to be posted.If it isn't accepted,don't throw a hissy fit.There is obviously a reason why it's not accepted.Any RolePlays posted without permission will be warned and deleted.If the owner wishes to keep the RolePlay,he/she must fill out the form within a five day period.After that,the RolePlay will be deleted.If the owner is gone,a co-owner can fill out the form if wanted (But if they refuse,you know the drill).If there is no co-owner or the co-owner is also gone,the RolePlay will be closed until one or the other returns.If they are gone for one whole week,a random member will be chosen to take over but WILL NOT be the permanent owner or co-owner.They also won't be able to change anything about the RolePlay.If another admin or mod is in the RolePlay,they will automatically take over.You have more than enough time to get your RolePlay accepted.Read the list to see what RolePlays have been accepted.If yours hasn't,you can either ask or repost the information.Give me time to respond.
• Bumping is NOT allowed on a Role-Play or in the Chat Room.If no one answers,no one answers.Posting again and again is considered bumping. (Example: User 1: Hi! (A few minutes later) User 1: Anyone?)

Rules will be added if needed.Choose your actions wisely.


I know there's a report button,but I'd rather you send me a message instead since I don't read my email often (the reports go to my email).

To get a fast response from an admin or mod,you should send them a message.You don't need to send a message to all admins and mods.Just one is fine.I prefer you to send the message to me,thoughsince some admins and mods aren't online all the time (And I'm on almost all the time).By the way,all admins and mods are to report the issue or issues to me before making a final decision of banning/suspending a user.That or they should send me a message saying what happened and tell me what decision they made.

When sending an admin or mod a message to report someone,please include:

• A screenshot,just in case the person delete's their post.
• If you don't have a screenshot,have names of those who saw the post and know what happened.
• The username of the person you're reporting.
• What happened.
• If the thread is still up,include the link.

To take a screenshot:

• Press Print Screen.It's beside F12.
• Bring up Paint.
• Press at the same time Ctrl and V.
• Save and Close Paint.
• Upload from a site like Tinypic.

If you don't have much for us to see the reported member did something wrong,there's nott much we can do.Maybe a warning,but that's probably it.

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